I am nothing like I use to be…

For years, like most, I use to be a  slave to the scale…checking it daily, wondering why it hadn’t budged.  Because if I could just lose 5 more pounds, I would be happy!  Sound familiar?  I think this is something that many women struggle with.  Once I hit my mid to late 20’s my weight hovered around 125lbs.  I was by no means heavy or out of shape, I exercised pretty regularly on my own and participated in several group fitness classes at the gym, but was convinced that my goal weight was 120lbs.  Why?  Well, that’s what I weighed in college, so…that must be my goal weight.  And, quite frankly 120 is less than 125, so it had to be better for me, right?  WRONG! So, so wrong!  I had it set in my head that at only 5’3″ I should not weigh over 120, that anything more meant I was overweight.

You see, I was stuck in a “I use to” phase, constantly striving for something that was no longer realistic.  Working in the fitness industry, I hear women say things like this all the time.
“When I was in high school I use to be an athlete”
“Before kids, I use to be thin”
“I use to be able to eat whatever I wanted”
Constantly comparing themselves to the person they “use to be.”

Don’t allow yourself to get stuck in this rut, you will never be able to dig yourself out until you let go of what you “use to” be or do, and focus on improving the person you are today.

I mean, let’s be real, I use to weigh 120lbs, and lived off of cereal, pizza and steak and cheese grinders when I was in college. Oh, and calzones! Yes, calzones!  I could easily eat a whole, big, cheesy, greasy calzone all by myself in my college days and still maintained the same weight. But guess what?  I’m NOT in college anymore!


Here are some other things that have changed since college…
– I’ve had two babies
– competed in two fitness competitions
– participated in a duathalon and placed 1st in my age group
– cycled 60 miles in an organized ride
– and run several small races a year


It wasn’t until I stopped focusing on the scale and stopped obsessing over what I “use to” be that I was able to finally see results!  And, although the number on the scale isn’t as important to me anymore, my happy weight is usually somewhere around 130lbs now.  I may technically be  “heavier” but I am fitter, stronger, healthier & happier!


With much love,


Nina M.

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