Tackling One Bad Habit at a Time.

What started out as a pretty easy and productive day quickly turned not-so good when I noticed both of my boys were sweating and had suddenly spiked fevers.  I had an evening of classes and clients that now needed to be cancelled/rescheduled which meant I was officially stressing.  Here’s where I make my very big confession…I don’t deal well with stress. I may or may not be a bit of a STRESS EATER!   Ok, I’m definitely a stress eater!  I typically convince myself that indulging in a bag of pretzels will make me feel better…I deserve it! I immediately want to raid the pantry for something that will take my mind off of what is really bothering me.
But today, as I was standing in front of our pantry staring down at my son’s snack section (I had my eye on those cheddar bunnies), I stopped. And, I did two things…

First, I asked myself why I suddenly felt like I NEEDED to snack?  I knew I wasn’t hungry, I was stressed.  What was stressing me out? Was eating going to solve that? Nope.  Were my boys going to miraculously jump up and be like “wow mom!  I feel so much better and definitely won’t throw up anymore for the rest of the night!” Nope. Definitely not.

Secondly, I reminded myself that I’ve come way too far!  I’ve been eating well, feeling good, losing weight slowly but surely….and using this as an excuse to feed my cravings would be nothing more than self-sabotage.  It would set me back and just leave me feeling worse.

So I stepped away, filled up my glass with lemon water and just chalked it up for what the day was. I know this may seem small for many but for me, it was big!  I didn’t give in.  Whatever your fitness journey is, it’s never going to be a straight path.  There will be highs, lows, curves, and turns.  No one is perfect.  I certainly am not, and have given in many, many, many times!  But today, I was proud for reminding myself that there will always be stressful days.  Always.  Being real with yourself and real about some of the things that may be holding you back from your health and fitness goals is just another step towards being successful in the long run.  Hooray for one good thing today!

Be strong. Be healthy. Be happy!