“What the F*&^%!”
“I’m freakin’ dieing!”
“Good Lord! My legs weigh a TON!”
“This SUCKS!”

These were some thoughts (along with plenty more) that went through my mind in the first few minutes of my very first run post-baby this evening.  A couple of months ago, I decided to do something outside of my comfort zone and signed up for a Sprint Triathlon that will take place in June.  I realized it was time to kick things into gear and start running.  It’s been six months since I had my second son, and in the last four months I’ve been focused on rebuilding my strength and endurance.  With only 10 more pounds to go (give or take), I was feeling pretty confident about switching my focus to running and cycling now.  I mean, I didn’t expect it to be easy but I also didn’t think it was going to feel like…DEATH!

I jumped on a treadmill, hit that ‘quick start’ button, quickly increased the pace to what I “thought” would be a manageable pace and very close to my pace pre-baby. And, well, to say the least, I felt like I quickly got punched in the chest by someone saying, ‘I don’t think so B**ch! Slow the eff down!’

My chest was hurting, I could barely control my breathing, my legs felt like bricks hitting the tread and I went from feeling confident to discouraged in a matter of seconds.  It’s been 6 months! Why is this so hard still?!  I was suddenly mad at myself for still having 10 pounds to shed. Because, you know?  THAT was the reason this was so hard!  If only I didn’t have this extra weight on my body, I wouldn’t suck so bad!  Right?  I considered quitting.  Not doing the triathlon.  I mean, I have two kids now, what was I thinking?  I don’t have time for this shit.

I allowed myself to come home and huff & puff for a bit. But thankfully, I know better than to let this very first run define me.  To throw in the towel and QUIT!  It WILL get better, easier.  I WILL GET FASTER!  With a better training and nutrition plan, with more patience, and consistency….I WILL DO IT! I CAN DO IT!

So can you!  Have you ever tried something new and after the very first time just thought, “I suck at this?” and decide to never go back?  Of course, it’s going to suck. Change is hard. But with the right guidance, hard work and consistency, you will get better.  I would never let my kids give up on something they initially wanted to try just because they weren’t rock stars from the start.  So, why would I do that?  I don’t plan on winning the race but I’m going to give it all I got, that’s for sure.



Nina M.