About Nina

I’m a Mom.  Wife.  Personal Trainer, Coach and Friend.

And, I’m committed to making a difference in women’s lives!

I am committed to helping busy women and mom’s build their best body yet, all while still balancing life.  I spent some time as the Membership Director for an upscale women’s only fitness club and it was during that time that I met SO MANY women, who just stopped making time for themselves.  Who couldn’t recall the last time they felt their best.  Who wept when they talked about how they perceived their own bodies.  I vowed that I never wanted to feel that way about myself.  And, once I started running my own fitness business I vowed to never let any of my clients feel that way about themselves either.

Here’s what I want most:  I want to help women everywhere work towards their strongest, healthiest, happiest selves….because they deserve it.

And if it happens to come with a nice butt and flat abs, well, of course that’s an awesome bonus! 😉

MY PHILOSOPHY:  Fitness IS for everyone, you just have to find a program that will challenge, change and excite you in the process.

1.  WORK WITH WHAT YOU GOT!  Got 20 min?  Some dumbbells or bands?  Access to a full gym?  You tell me what you have access to, and how much time you can realistically commit to training and I’ll create a plan around it.

2.  SET GOALS.  I will help you set both short and long-term realistic, goals that will leave you feeling successful! Want to run your first race? Ride a 100 miles? Lose weight? Build muscle?  I CAN HELP!

3.  BE CONSISTENT.  Consistency is key.  You don’t have to dedicate your life to it, but you do have to be consistent.

4.  LISTEN TO YOUR BODY.  A big part of  my nutrition coaching program is about listening to your body so that you can learn about how food effects your overall mood.  I am committed to helping my clients change the way they look at food.

5.  VARIETY IS KEY.  Based on what you have to work with I like to keep the workouts varied and challenging so that you never get bored and are always looking forward to your next program