Take a look at what some of my clients have to say about our work together….

“I started working out with Nina less than a year ago. I had been pretty active ­­running eight or ten miles a few times a week.  Then came baby! That was three years ago, and I’ve avoided spandex and the gym ever since. I knew I needed a hand in getting back there­ mentally and physically.  Enter Nina!  She encourages me to keep going when I’m ready to stop.  She’s real about life and time.  She’s communicative.  And, she’s knowledgeable.  Nina pushes me to push myself.  She guides me in exercise, nutrition, and basic good health habits.  Her workout programs are varied and fun­­ and she always has a plan (and a back up!).  I cannot say enough good things about Nina and my time with her.  I’ve gotten back to the gym and back to feeling good about myself”  – Ally C.

“Nina was recommend to me by someone at the gym, and I’m thankful they did!  I originally set out to work on balance issues but Nina quickly determined that we should work more on weight training to help build muscle where I didn’t have much, or any.  I easily get frustrated during workouts but Nina keeps me on track, and helps me get through the tough stuff.  I’m always surprised when our sessions come to an end since the time goes by so quickly.  I have definitely become stronger and feel better about myself through the training Nina and I do together.  I highly recommend her!”  – Phyllis K.

“I am a 52 year old woman who likes to work out at least a few times a week, but find I need structure and accountability to do so. I approached her to do personal training with me about a year ago. I meet with her one time a week for one hour. In the past year, I have lost weight and gained strength, stamina and muscle tone.

Nina is on time and always prepared. She changes up the workouts every week to keep it interesting and challenging. She listens when I say something hurts, modifies when necessary, and focuses on form. Nina maintains all of the routines and my progress in an iPad app…something I don’t see other trainers around the gym do.

I will continue to train with Nina as she provides the motivation and accountability I need to keep up my exercise routine. I highly recommend Nina as a personal trainer. She gets 5 out of 5 stars!!”  – J. Martin

“I have been training two to three times a week with Nina since February 2014.  As a 50­-something person who has had wrist and two foot surgeries in recent years, Nina’s knowledge of health and physical fitness has been a major reason why I am back to full strength and flexibility in a short amount of time.

Nina’s experience and approach to training has been beneficial in many ways.  She was able to assess my condition and challenge me while avoiding putting me through anything that caused any pain.  She then helped me progress with a constant mixture of new exercises and increasing levels of challenge while maintaining a core approach to resistance and strength training.  She closely monitors my posture and form and gently puts me back on track without ever making me feel self­ conscious.  She is always prepared and on­ time for our training sessions, and she has accommodated my schedule when I needed to change days.

Nina’s friendship, sunny personality and encouragement make it fun to train each morning.  I recommend her to anyone who wants to improve their fitness level.”  – Karen R.

“I’ve been working with Nina for a little over two years now. Nina is energetic, creative and knowledgable about fitness. She has helped me modify my workouts despite having injuries, ensuring I never missed a beat.  Nina is passionate about training and that shows in our sessions. I have enjoyed working with her and highly recommend her to anyone looking to begin their fitness journey or for someone who is looking to take their current fitness to another level.” – Kim Irving