Age: 32
Height: 5’3”
Starting Weight: 186lbs
Happy Weight:  141lbs

I was unhappy with my weight and health for a while. I wasn’t comfortable in my own skin and I tried a few different weight management programs…to no success. It wasn’t until Nina helped me to change my eating habits and start some at home workouts that I started seeing results and realized what is was going to take.   I had to learn that in order to achieve what I really wanted, I had to make a lifestyle change… and I’ve never been happier! I’ve lost over 45 pounds (have keep it off for over a year now) and have even joined a gym! Food is not my enemy anymore and working out has actually become fun & something I look forward to.  Getting Fit with Nina will help you to take the tough steps to a lifestyle change that you will never regret!      – Sandra A.


Age: 31
Height: 5’3”
Starting Weight: 163lbs
Body fat:  32%
Happy Weight:  130lbs
Body Fat:  20%

I started training with Nina when I was 14 weeks pregnant. At that time I was only meeting with her once or twice a week to stay active during my pregnancy. During these training sessions Nina always made sure my form was correct and that I was never doing anything that I didn’t feel comfortable doing. She never pushed me into doing something that my body couldn’t do. She always made sure my safety while training pregnant came first. After I had my baby I was extremely eager to get back into the gym and get healthy! I arrived back in Nina’s hands in August 2014 at 163 lbs. I started off training with her once a week and gradually increased to two & now three times a week, NOT ONE work out was the same as the next. Nina continuously checked in with me throughout the week even on non-­training days to see how my nutrition was and how I was doing the days I didn’t see her. Fast forward 11 months later… I’m 33 pounds lighter and 100% stronger. I’ve tried almost every trainer at my gym, Nina was the first trainer to record every workout, every weight lifted and every inch lost.  I could feel her sense of dedication in each session together. Today I am the healthiest I’ve ever been because of her training and coaching.

Age:  48
Height: 5’4”
Starting Weight: 140lbs
Body fat: 30%
Happy Weight:  116lbs
Body Fat: 24%

Vilane and I started working together in October 2014.  She had just lost 20lbs on her own and realized the missing link to feeling better was exercise.  With no prior exercise experience, she was extremely de-conditioned and weak.  We started with two, half-­hour sessions a week and although she felt discouraged, she was DETERMINED to get stronger; and STRONGER she got!  Once Vilane started to “feel” the results she increased her training sessions to 3x/week in order to maximize her results because feeling stronger was no longer enough…she wanted to look stronger too.  She is dedicated to her goals both in and outside of the gym and it definitely shows.  In less than a year, she has lost weight, decreased her body fat % and we continue to work on adding lean muscle to her physique.  The best part…she feels better than ever!  Way to go Vilane!

Age: 38
Height: 5’5”
Starting Weight: 158lbs
Happy Weight:  140lbs
Check out the difference one year can make!  This former cardio queen decided that after becoming a Mom, she didn’t want to just be skinny…she wanted to be fit for life! She was initially nervous about incorporating strength training into her routine as she had hip and knee pain that had prohibited her in the past.  But I am so glad she trusted me to guide her through this part of her fitness journey because now she is fitter and stronger than ever!  Hard work and dedication sure does pay off!